Clarent Kasujima (executey) wrote in tvsuperheroes,
Clarent Kasujima

[December 10th, Thursday][Tokyo][Night]

[The building is quite large, and frankly quite boring in appearance. The windows are covered from the inside, though lights can be seen through them. The front doors are made of glass. It looks like a one-story office building, with 'Canaan Research Institute' written in neat English on the sign in front.

Clarent takes off the bag she collected on the way to the building, and throws it before Isao's feet.]

Keigo will come with me. The rest of you will travel to the generator and plant the explosives. Do not argue with me. I predict with 98% accuracy that, based on previous arguments, my plan will be agreed upon after the ensuing conversation. There is no time to waste.
Tags: science plot, team hinoryu
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