[Saturday, April 3]

[The walls of fog surround the town. Venturing outside is almost impossible now, one cannot see a foot in front of them. Inaba seems to be cut off from the outside world... TV reception is hard to get in the fog, as well. It seems something has been interfering with the broadcasts, making it impossible to watch things as normal. But now, something has changed.

TVs flicker on. Without any input or reason, they simply all light up at once. And each one you see will show exactly where you are... without you. In your place, on the screen you see, is a figure shrouded in a yellow coat, holding something hard to see. Even without being able to see their face, however, their intentions are clear. They hold out a hand to you... This figure, the rumored murderer, is beckoning you. They want you to go to them. It doesn't look like it would even be hard to... Just reach out a hand.]

(Final boss. Rationality is gone. Anyone who touches the screen can go through, and will be pulled through.

Good luck.)

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[You come to a place that looks just like the apartment complex. It's surrounded by a giant, thick, stone wall. There is an intricately designed gate in front, which opens when the team walks towards it.]

[It opens to a short path that leads to the red swirly portal where the front door is.  The landscape around the place seems... off. The sky is gray, and all of the usual shrubberies that usually surround the building are black. The black leaves on the trees around it are unevenly trimmed, and mostly falling off.]

[As the complex extends into the parking lot, the surroundings get sketchier and sketchier, like some sort of concept drawing for a cartoon. The view of Inaba and Junes usually seen from the parking lot are outlines all-together. The apartment complex and the landscape around it seem to be an island in the middle of a sea of vaguely familiar looking sketches.]

[You hear a voice out of nowhere]

Company? Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! Do I look okay? [sound of a smack] Shut up, of course I do, aha~

[December 10th, Thursday][Tokyo][Night]

[The building is quite large, and frankly quite boring in appearance. The windows are covered from the inside, though lights can be seen through them. The front doors are made of glass. It looks like a one-story office building, with 'Canaan Research Institute' written in neat English on the sign in front.

Clarent takes off the bag she collected on the way to the building, and throws it before Isao's feet.]

Keigo will come with me. The rest of you will travel to the generator and plant the explosives. Do not argue with me. I predict with 98% accuracy that, based on previous arguments, my plan will be agreed upon after the ensuing conversation. There is no time to waste.

[November 9th, Monday]

[It's a mansion with Japanese-style architecture. It seems to be a traditional home, expanded over many generations. The sort of home poor middle-class children dream of: Beautiful, large, rich. A simple slice of the modern dream, as advertised in so many brochures.

It looks perfect, but there's a creeping sense that something might be off. The paint is perfect. The lamps hanging on the wooden porch are bright and welcoming. The lawn is mowed cleanly, and not a leaf has marred it, or the path leading to it. The roof gutter is clean of debris. The air smells sweet and clean. There aren't any windows.

The door is unlocked.]
find the blue.

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[Upon making it to the TV world, our heroes come across a large copper gate... well, the fence, anyway. There's your usual red and black entrance where the doors would be. Should they enter, they'll find themselves in a garden-- a startlingly beautiful place, really. There's a fountain and flowers everywhere and some statues. No shadows just yet, either.

What sticks out the most, however, is the large rose garden in the distance.]

[Day 5?][The tower of Kagutsuchi]

[Somehow, you've made it. The imposing doors to the high rise building that reaches to the sky and glows with the power of life... Or death. Other human survivors are limping in from all directions.

Above the door is the imposing warning: You will have no rest from here on.]

((Get in #personasurvivor))

[Team Hino][Day 4]

*You wake up under the slanted ruins of a building. There is a crackling fire nearby, with sticks of meat stuck over it. You can't tell what it is, but it's food, and there's enough for all of you, and even a few stacks of canned water. The safe is nearby. The front has been ripped off, and it is empty.

On the other side of the fire, there are four wolflions. They are curled up, but their heads are perking up at your sudden activity.

[Team Rikki] [Day Four]

[Isao... You wake up. And outside, the path to the Tower of Kagutsuchi is clear.

Fifteen minutes later, Naoki, your ankle fractured, your hands near useless, you have no choice but to begin limping around... Or give up and die. But a nearby sign might provide some hope, because carved into a wall is: KUZUKI ISAO. DAY THREE? HEADING TO KAGUTSUCHI. HUMAN.

And Rui, with your demon assistance, you have no trouble in hitting the path towards the Tower Of Kagutsuchi.]