Shadow!Hisa (kinda_shadowy) wrote in tvsuperheroes,

[You come to a place that looks just like the apartment complex. It's surrounded by a giant, thick, stone wall. There is an intricately designed gate in front, which opens when the team walks towards it.]

[It opens to a short path that leads to the red swirly portal where the front door is.  The landscape around the place seems... off. The sky is gray, and all of the usual shrubberies that usually surround the building are black. The black leaves on the trees around it are unevenly trimmed, and mostly falling off.]

[As the complex extends into the parking lot, the surroundings get sketchier and sketchier, like some sort of concept drawing for a cartoon. The view of Inaba and Junes usually seen from the parking lot are outlines all-together. The apartment complex and the landscape around it seem to be an island in the middle of a sea of vaguely familiar looking sketches.]

[You hear a voice out of nowhere]

Company? Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! Do I look okay? [sound of a smack] Shut up, of course I do, aha~
Tags: investigation team, tv dungeon
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