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Oh God let me out.
Can you let me out?
Can you set me free from this dark inner world?
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Inaba: a peaceful small town where hardly anything ever happens. Or at least, that's how it used to be. Now, it's the center of a murder mystery.

With practically nothing to go with, the police struggles to find a culprit, with no success. As if that wasn't enough, a thick fog seems to surround the small town every time it rains. Creepy, isn't it?

But there's more. "Turn off the TV and watch the screen at midnight when it rains, someone will appear on the screen; that person is your soulmate". Unfortunately, it seems that someone is out to kidnap whoever appears on it, and that's a case that can't be left to the police. You see, it appears that the culprit is using some kind of mysterious power, throwing people inside TVs and into a strange, dangerous world with no chance of rescue.

Who's doing it? And why? Will you be able to solve the mystery, and save the victims? Reach out for the truth.


all_my_sees is a Persona based Alternate Universe roleplay. Sure we’ve still got Yasogami High, our main cast, the TV and Social Links, but we’re starting over from step one—the plot isn’t quite the same, and Inaba has many new faces since we welcome characters from the entire persona series as well as originals ♥

For information about the roleplay, see the links below.
  Rule 1: Play nice! --> In all_my_sees, we want to have a fun environment that allows everyone to enjoy the roleplay. That means you need to treat other players with respect, and try to do your best to help when help is needed. If you have a disagreement with someone, please try to talk it out with them calmly. Yes, the setting of this roleplaying game is a high-school scenario, but let's all try to be adults here and avoid needless drama, infighting or tantrum throwing. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with your fellow RPers, and will help ensure that everyone gets along better! Also, please be aware that this rp is yaoi/yuri/het friendly, so if any of those disturbs you, this might not be the place for you.

Rule 2: Please play canon! --> If you are playing a series character (known as FCs), and not an Original Character, then we ask only that you try to play the character in accordance with the way he or she is in the series. Radical, unexplained and especially sudden changes, particularly of drastic nature, will be questioned by the mods. All roleplaying games have to be at least a little bit Alternate Universe to the original shows and fandoms that they refer to; this is unavoidable. But under no circumstances should we see a character suddenly throw away who she or he is just to do something that you as a player think would be more fun. The players and the mods here at all_my_sees want to see the characters they know and love brought to life, and treated with care. Please be considerate, and careful when choosing your characters!

Rule 3: No god-modding! --> You can't decide how or how others can't react; when roleplaying, keep in mind to keep your poses open-ended so that others may have the opportunity to react. Also, be sure to ask permission before doing something that may effect another character negatively or positively. Communication is the key.

Is that all? --> Of course not! Please see this post right here for the rest of the rules.
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